Princeton Avenue

Working on the same house for two different clients makes this story unique. This 1928 center hall colonial Princeton Home had been broken into multiple rooms to act as a Doctor’s office during the 1940’s. It was now 1993 and conditions were much the same. Standing still in time!

But the bones were there. During the renovation for my original client, we found a hidden power room in the foyer that had been walled over. What a great bonus!!

The goal was to bring the home back as private residence, eliminating all the little rooms, the waiting room, the examination room, the Dr.’s private room –The walls came down to create a home where the family and their friends could enjoy all of the comforts and joy this architectural gem had to offer.

But with time comes change. Downsizing has it’s appeal and the homeowners decide to sell.

Fast forward: it’s 1998, Princeton Avenue has new owners, just arriving from London, without much in the way of furnishings, they were able to obtain quite a few pieces with the sale of the house.

Knowing that I had worked on this house previously my new client felt it was a natural that I carry on. Understanding that they wanted to make this house their own we started the process of refreshing the public spaces, gutting the bathrooms and creating more closet space in the Master bedroom.

It is not unusual for my client to develop and work on projects over years. When one door closes another one opens.