Princeton Avenue Kitchen

The kitchen renovation at Princeton Avenue took place in 2018. It had been on the wish list for some time ~ along with a first floor laundry room. It was perfect timing. There were some mysteries that needed to be solved, can the soffit be removed, and can the post be taken out? We were determined to gain as much height and visual clearance as possible. Luckily, all of those elements were attainable and the work moved forward.

The husband said to me,” I am only doing this renovation once and I want the best”. Music to my ears, I suggested a stunning LaCanche Range along with the electrical switching system Lomax and Forbes. Tile rather than wood was requested, for the new puppy’s wear and tear. Custom cabinetry, lighting, appliances, hardware, wine & coffee stations overlook the charming gardens outside.

We decided to keep the antique pine kitchen table. It was the only furniture piece they had brought from England. I thought, how appropriate to have the old along with the new. This family is a joy to work with~ I look forward to our next project!