Park Avenue

I was commissioned to update and redecorate 480 Park Avenue for my long time client. They found a charming “Peid a Terre” in NYC . With business and pleasure taking them into the city constantly it made sense. The apartment had recently had a kitchen and bath makeover, so it was ready to go.

I was inspired by both of the Antique marble fireplace surrounds. While staying close to my traditional roots I was also inspired by my client’s suggestion of “let’s make it a bit more hip”. I was on board with that idea and so the process began of planning, layouts, selections of colors, wallpaper with new furnishings and art.

Working in the city always has it’s challenges and restrictions. This particular apartment building was constructed in the 1920’s so that meant small elevators, halls and door openings. Selecting the furnishing with the concept of will it fit through the door can be a bit of a game changer. We pulled it off and the rest is history!