My design work on Maple Street, Doylestown, Pa. marks a unique time in my career. This client reached out to me after their current designer suffered a personal tragedy

While deep into the restoration of this 1882 Victorian Gothic revival home I stepped onto the scene and took the rains.

When a home has such personality, (as most Victorian’s do) character, details and Architectural willfulness, how do you design to that? What is the answer, what does the house want and need? A design that puzzles indeed!

My approach was to let the details speak for themselves. A fabulous pink and green stain glass window was my inspiration. With that as a springboard I incorporated my client’s antiques along with new furnishings into the design.

I brought in an expert cabinet maker to finish off all of the cabinetry details, a builder to cope with the remnants of by product building illnesses. A task encountered but not overlooked.

As I am no cookie cutter designer, I pondered this with great intent. Putting the pieces together took time. Understanding the history, the family, the past and what the future may hold, were all under consideration.

After three years, and continuing renovations this family moved on deciding this home was not the home for them.