Beekman Place

Beekman Place is a 6500 sq foot New York City Maisonette, commissioned and built in 1920 for John D. Rockefeller as a week-end retreat from his Park Avenue residence. With majestic views of the East River the decision was made to purchase the property. It was 2013 and my clients turned to me and asked “if I could please put the team together”. I was thrilled at the opportunity to be on the ground floor of this historic renovation.

I recommended the architectural firm I had worked with previously at 15 Central Park West along with the same General Contractor & builder. The team was complete, plans and concepts took shape and the work began. This duplex had not been updated since 1986 and was sorely needed.

It was a creative canvas. I took 4 bedrooms and created 5, each being en suite with private baths. We found a window that had been bricked over and now revealed. All of the mechanicals were updated along with creating 2 full capacity laundry spaces. The kitchen was completely re-imagined.

Remaining classic and traditional, items that were not en vogue were removed. With exception, the one space that everyone loved was the bar. Built during The Prohibition the bar in the Library was completely hidden by a secret door. We gutted the interior and did new flooring, cabinetry, appliances and counters. Curated collections of black and white photographs hang in the main room balanced the lovely view of the East River.

Designing & Decorating “Beekman Place” was extraordinary. There were no holds barred. Seeking out Antiques, Art and unique items was fabulous fun. We fondly nicknamed the rooms, the handsome room and the pretty rooms as our schemes were fleshed out.

The master suite bath and dressing room were carved in part from the old bath and part of a guest room. All of the specifications were in keeping with the elegance of this residence.

After 9 months of construction the hammers were put down. (A building rule) Installation began for all of the beautiful items we had been collecting. It was magical the way it all came together. Just as I had always imagined.