10 Ocean

And when your long time client/friend calls and say’s, “you’re not going to believe it but we bought a beach house. How soon can you get here? “Hey, you jump on a plane and go.

Some beach house, 10,000 square feet of water front property that was in need of major help. Not old but not new, just the majority of poor design decisions that would lead to a cosmetic undertaking. Plotting and planning, interviewing builders were the task at hand.

Once decided, the kitchen received an overhaul, the breakfast nook a new look and the family room that tied it all together. Paint was our champion!! Each space was redecorated and personalized.

From art to unique finds, custom rugs, wallpaper, hardware….every item mattered in transforming this house into a flip flop dream home.

The darkness of the ”Club Room” gives relief from the Florida sun. Using art by Anke Scoefield gave the room the Wow factor. We added mirror backing in the bar area to reflect the Atlantic Ocean.